Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Girlie Time...

It's important! Taking time to spend with just the girls to do girly things!

It doesn't have to be about anything in particular... just girly time. Our girlfriends make us feel child like, pretty, light hearted, giggly..
We laugh, joke, cry and indulge little whimsical pleasures. And it doesn't matter how old we get, the feeling is the same when we spend time with the girls.

When it is just the girls, we can let go of the world for a little while.

Introducing Kelly... this month's Goddess of the Month! Beautiful Kelly has an unmistakably light-hearted giggle and an effervescence that is contagious!

I met her at a pin-up party that I was shooting at last November... and she had such a lovely girly time, that she convinced a group of her girlfriends (including her Mom) to come to my Kingston studio for a pin-up shoot. It was a great girly time to be had by all.

Kelly Speaks:

GIRLFRIENDS! What is it about friends that gives you the confidence to do crazy, fun and adventurous things? I believe it's the capacity to make enthusiasm and excitement contagious. The first time I had heard of a pin-up party was from Shannon, who had already known the dazzling Isis for years. She told me about a party she was having where you come and get all girly to have sexy pictures taken. Now, I'm an adventurous girl and I love to get dolled up for an occasion but I wasn't sure what to think. I had never heard of Isis or seen her website so I decided to check it out and see what I really thought. And my first thought was "WOW! These women are gorgeous and these pictures are flawless". But I must say I had my moments of doubt. I didn't know all the girls who were attending the party and I wasn't sure what to expect. It took me a while but after talking with Shannon and hearing such high praise of Isis and her abilities and how comfortable the atmosphere is, I decided "What the hell?" So I went to the party.
Let me tell you... I had the time of my life! Seeing myself transform into a pin-up Goddess was so amazing as was meeting Isis and seeing her vision for each of us. And after seeing the pictures, I couldn't believe that I almost didn't go. All I can say is I'm glad that Shannon had the contagious enthusiasm to get me there. It was such a healthy, comfortable, and totally female experience I couldn't resist. I had to have my very own pin-up party!! I got a group of friends and family together (including my Mom) and we went to Isis' studio. Now not everyone was as enthusiastic as me to do this because we all have flaws. Let's face it, not one person had the "perfect" body but we all have things we love about our imperfect bodies, it's just a matter of seeing them. To watch each woman embrace herself and "become" was simply amazing. We had such a wonderful day to bond, have girly time, and in general to be a little selfish with ourselves. I was thrilled that everyone who came had a fantastic time and saw a different side of themselves... a sexy yet vulnerable Goddess who so often hides within. It felt so good to get women together and celebrate our unique selves for what we are and more importantly, what we can become. Thank you so much Isis for showing me another side of myself that I can celebrate. It truly is a pleasure to know you.

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