Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't buy Green Bananas!

I cannot think of a better way to wish you all THE HAPPIEST NEW YEAR, than by presenting you with my most recent choice for 'Goddess of the Month'.
This beautiful Goddess should be an example to us all. Shirley is an incredible and vivacious 76 year old Mother of 11. (By the way, this means that she was pregnant for 99 months of her life!)
What inspires me about this amazing woman is her lust for life, and her ability to live in the moment.
Without hesitation, Shirley signed up for a pin-up class along with several female family members including her daughter and daughter in law. I loved her enthusiasm and her Joie de Vie.
Shirley's philosophy: "I don't buy green bananas, because I might not be here to eat them when they turn. In the same way I only want to drink the best wine today because I might not be here to drink it tomorrow."

May you all step into this new year in the way that Shirley lives her life... without hesitation, without judgement and without fear. May you all enjoy the best life has to offer right here... right now and with complete acceptance...