Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't buy Green Bananas!

I cannot think of a better way to wish you all THE HAPPIEST NEW YEAR, than by presenting you with my most recent choice for 'Goddess of the Month'.
This beautiful Goddess should be an example to us all. Shirley is an incredible and vivacious 76 year old Mother of 11. (By the way, this means that she was pregnant for 99 months of her life!)
What inspires me about this amazing woman is her lust for life, and her ability to live in the moment.
Without hesitation, Shirley signed up for a pin-up class along with several female family members including her daughter and daughter in law. I loved her enthusiasm and her Joie de Vie.
Shirley's philosophy: "I don't buy green bananas, because I might not be here to eat them when they turn. In the same way I only want to drink the best wine today because I might not be here to drink it tomorrow."

May you all step into this new year in the way that Shirley lives her life... without hesitation, without judgement and without fear. May you all enjoy the best life has to offer right here... right now and with complete acceptance...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Happy Thanksgiving to all...

At this time, I ponder exactly that... "Thanks Giving". What exactly is it that I am thankful for? Let me start by thanking you, my gracious readers for taking this time. I'd also like to thank my supportive friends and especially all the Goddesses... my clients who have graced my studio and been my muse, for you are my inspiration. In these times it seems that most people are focusing on what they do not have. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to remind us of what we do have. Most of us live in a state of wanting. Wanting this or that - living in a state of dissatisfaction with our selves. I have so many women call and inquire about boudoir shoots... or participating in pin-up classes, but take months if not years to call me back. They "just want to lose that extra ten pounds". Yes, dissatisfaction with the way they are, right here... right now. This is why I have chosen Eileen as my Goddess of the Month for November. Eileen has participated in two of my pin-up classes and has a 3rd scheduled for March of next year. What I appreciate about her is her joy for life and her acceptance of herself as she is. Eileen: "I see myself as cute, cuddly, curvaceous and comfortable in my own skin. It's been a journey to get there, but you have to be grateful for what you have. There's terrible discrimination that exists in the world, people judge you for what you are on the outside, people need to take the opportunity to look deeper within each other. In my photo-shoot I was not guarded at all... it was all me, so there can be no wrong. This experience was freeing and exhilarating and empowering, I felt invincible! A smile makes everybody beautiful!"

Monday, October 6, 2008

Goddess #1 Sensual September - "Mabel"

It only makes sense that my very first Goddess of the month is in full bloom with her baby in her belly - A beginning.
I think that most would agree with me that pregnancy is a remarkable time of feminine beauty.  It is in our nature to find our selves drawn to these full figured beauties, and the promise of a new life.

I've photographed quite a few pregnant women, some embracing their rapidly changing form... and others, challenging themselves to connect with a body they feel is no longer their own. Nonetheless, photographing this unique time in a woman's life is really quite an honor. It is a wonderful thing for a woman to document this transitional time in her life.  A photograph of a woman's pregnancy is something she will treasure for years after the baby is born.

Here is what my subject had to say:

"I LOVED being pregnant... Looking back now that I've had the baby, I loved it to the point that I miss how my body felt during that time.  You are a carrier, a home for your baby for that 40 weeks... I embraced that feeling.

I took the photographs for my baby, for when she is old enough to appreciate them.  These photographs are not of me, they are of her. They are special, I know how much I appreciate my Mom and how special the photographs are from when she was pregnant and I wanted to give that same feeling to Mabel."

Mabel was born, a healthy happy baby girl April 21st 2008.