Monday, August 24, 2009

Taking Charge!

I love the idea that all kinds of women have a desire to explore their sensual nature, embracing and accepting their bodies at will. I love the surprises, the unexpected. Women from all walks of life taking charge of their body, enjoying embracing and liberating their inner Goddess! Sometimes the photographs are a very private secret, to be shared with an intimate partner while other women hang their photographs with pride on the walls of their home…
A friend of mine was doing work in the home of a lovely elderly woman in her 80’s. He commented on the beauty of a gorgeous vintage nude she had hanging framed in the kitchen of her New York City apartment. To his surprise, she replied “Oh honey… that was me back in the day!”
We should all have something so precious… something we can gleam with pride over when we are 80. I’ve photographed Housewives, nurses, teachers, actresses, photographers, accountants, engineers, musicians, policewomen, hairdressers, doctors, lawyers and more… women creating a gorgeous memento to celebrate themselves at this stage of their life… My chosen Goddess this month is Donna… as gorgeous as she is… if you came across her while she was at work, it might not cross your mind that she was a woman that would do a pin-up shoot…
But on the other hand Donna’s someone who definitely takes charge!!

Donna speaks…

When I was growing up, I was always fascinated by pin up girls. My father was a war history buff and hunter. He had an office that was hidden behind a wall in our house. (I guess you could say that we weren't boring or plain people!) His office had hunting rifles, civil war and World War II items, and tons of books. He also had quite a nice collection of beautiful pin up girl posters on the walls from
World War II. I loved going into his office and reading my books, that were kept in a small section of a bookcase close to the floor. I would always go into his office and lie on the floor and look up to those posters. I guess you could say that I started to realize that everything in this office had a special meaning and I almost felt that everything in there had a certain power to it. Being a little girl, of course, those pin up posters were very mesmerizing and stood out the most to me.
I knew from trying to read my father's books when I was little, that although women weren't fighting during the war, they definitely had a huge role in supporting our country during it. I loved how there was so much strength and beauty in the pin up. What a great role model to have! The pin up, in my eyes, captured strength and beauty not just one or the other. This was and even still is unusual especially since many women in the public eye are so flat and uninspiring.
I wanted the diamond girls! The ones that are
multi faceted.
And so time had passed...I took an interesting women in literature class in high school and learned to throw away that "little girl voice" and embrace my "big girl voice". Speak up and be strong! I try to practice this advice daily and I think I've become stronger from it.
I decided to do these pin up pictures because I feel it is the right time. I'm in my early thirties and I feel like I'm polished and refined a bit yet still capricious and intense. I'm in a field of work that seems to strip a girl of her femaleness. I'm a fighter though! I won't let go. I can't say what I do for a living for various reasons but I will say that my pin up pictures are quite arresting images...wink, wink.
Thank you Isis! I can now finally say that I am a pin up girl.

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