Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As I listen to the birds outside begin to chatter to each other, I am filled with the joy of life that Spring always brings. Living in Upstate New York and watching the creatures frolicking is a constant reminder that part of our job on this planet is to play. We have been given the most glorious playground filled with unlimited possibility. The confines of that playground exist only where we place them.

For many women their playground is limited by the shackles that they place on themselves. Some never feeling good enough, some waiting to lose that extra 10 pounds, some restricted by some medieval moral code or by what others might think of them.

What I love about photographing pin-up and boudoir is the potential for re-introducing play into our lives. I've watched groups of women scrimmaging through my trunks of corsets, feathers, baubles, boas and beads, trying on this and that, playing with different archetypes until they settle on just the right one that feels like their sensual expression for that day. and then the play continues as they 'camp' it up in front of the camera, expressing joy, sensuality, and their luscious Diva Goddess selves.

All I can say is life is too short! It's time to play!

Speaking of creatures frolicking...
I've chosen Cheri as my featured Goddess of the month. Some of you may be familiar with her as she recently appeared in my recent TV debut on Channel 4, NBC. For those of you who did not see it, CLICK HERE.

I've chosen cheri as my featured Goddess because Cheri is a woman who is not afraid to play... well for one; she wore a rabbit fur bikini, and growled for the NBC cameras...

Cheri speaks:
When Isis told me about the now infamous rabbit furred bikini, my first words to her were, "Oh Isis, it won't fit."

As a petite woman with an extra large chest, I know all about things not fitting. About the button down shirts that don't lay right, about the bikinis that make me look like I'll fall over if I stand up too quickly. And I know all about other people's ideas of what fits too. About the dance teacher who told me if I kept performing my nipples would hit my toes. About the former boss who warned me not to lean against his cubicle lest I leave dents. Yeah. It's enough to make a girl go through life in a muumuu.

Isis though, was pretty sure this particular bikini was different. And when she showed it to me, I realized how right she was. It was over the top and ridiculous. It was a parody of a parody-- Pebbles meets Sheba meets Racquel Welch circa 1973 I knew that if nothing else, I had to try it on.

And you know what? It did fit. It fit my body, it fit my curves. Mostly though, it fit me. It got my goofyness, my playfulness, my sense that being sexy always always comes with a laugh. Next time I'll know: when life hands you a rabbit furred bikini, your job is to just wave your plastic bone in the air and roar for all your worth".

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