Monday, October 6, 2008

Goddess #1 Sensual September - "Mabel"

It only makes sense that my very first Goddess of the month is in full bloom with her baby in her belly - A beginning.
I think that most would agree with me that pregnancy is a remarkable time of feminine beauty.  It is in our nature to find our selves drawn to these full figured beauties, and the promise of a new life.

I've photographed quite a few pregnant women, some embracing their rapidly changing form... and others, challenging themselves to connect with a body they feel is no longer their own. Nonetheless, photographing this unique time in a woman's life is really quite an honor. It is a wonderful thing for a woman to document this transitional time in her life.  A photograph of a woman's pregnancy is something she will treasure for years after the baby is born.

Here is what my subject had to say:

"I LOVED being pregnant... Looking back now that I've had the baby, I loved it to the point that I miss how my body felt during that time.  You are a carrier, a home for your baby for that 40 weeks... I embraced that feeling.

I took the photographs for my baby, for when she is old enough to appreciate them.  These photographs are not of me, they are of her. They are special, I know how much I appreciate my Mom and how special the photographs are from when she was pregnant and I wanted to give that same feeling to Mabel."

Mabel was born, a healthy happy baby girl April 21st 2008.

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Plata Nativa said...

tus fotos me parece quiere decir que sean necesariamente buenas.un buen año,Leo